Arena - The Game of Chess

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Arena is Material Immaterial Studio's interpretation of the age-old game of chess.

The design of the board is inspired from the architecture of Roman amphitheaters, where spectators would gather to watch the clash between the gladiators. The chessmen wear an architectural armor, each representing their position in the army.

While two powerful armies battle, we imagine a horde of spectators gather on the concrete stands of the Arena. The game begins at dawn with the first ray of light hitting the marked floor where the chessmen on both the sides hold ground and take positions for the action to start. 

What is particularly fascinating apart from the game, is the play of shadows that unveils itself on the stands and the armors of the chessmen with changing daylight. 

It will be intriguing to strategically place the arena near a window where the dramatic play of light and shadows can be experienced through the day.


Dimensions : 304mm x 304mm x 40mm (W x D x H)

Materials: Concrete

Weight: 2770 Grams

Note: 'Arena' comes as a set of The Chess board and 16 chessmen each in Light and Dark Grey shades.