Balls Eye 2.0 - Kinetic Sculpture

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Kinetic Concrete Rolling Ball Sculpture

Brutalist Architectural Object for Home Decor 

Architectural Desk Accessories

With its minimalist aesthetic, spirited nature and attention to detail Material Immaterial presents ‘BALLS-EYE 2.0’.

When play becomes an integral part of our everyday life, ideas stir, designs appear and forms manifest into an experience, The function remains critical for the story becomes playful. This kinetic sculpture is an artifact that enthralls as well as appeases the mind, allowing one to focus on its center.

The idea of the sculpture is to allow you to forget the chaos around you and to focus on the movement of the balls towards the centre, thus allowing you the necessary break between difficult conversations and stressful meetings.

Dimensions : 85mm x 85mm x40mm (W x D x H)

Materials: Concrete, SS balls 3.0mm Ø

Weight: 330 Grams

Note: 'BALLE EYE 2.0' comes as a set along with Twenty five steel balls (916 grade) to make your work time more fun!!