Bazaar - The Hanging Lamp

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Concrete Suspended - Ceiling Lamp 


Inside the narrow alleys of this cenotaph, thrives a vibrant bazaar where merchants richly display their wares – turbans of crimson and silver with tunics of purple brocade. Mirrors with panels of amber and daggers with handles of jade. Traversing through the winding streets and interweaved staircases, one embarks on a journey not through the bazaar but through the cities from the memories of its free-spirited merchants. Cities where high standing arcades boast of their glory and power. The tenacious walls give way to glimpses of platformed houses, port holed windows and arched doors. Infact you don’t come to the Bazaar to buy and sell wares but to trade in memories; memories of your travels and those of the zealous travelling traders.” - Marco Polo talking about a medieval market.

The Bazaar is more than a place in space; it is a drama in time. Drama of shadows that unfolds on its varied walls, doors, arcades, staircases and balconies. You are invited to come peek into the grandiose of this sky high metropolis built as the reminiscence of the hometowns of its various merchants.

Bazaar is a suspended lamp made in concrete and is ideal to be hung low over a dining table or a side board or can be a corner lamp in a room. 


Dimensions : 180mm x 180mm x 311mm (W x D x H)

Materials: Concrete, Powder coated aluminium and Led Lamp

Weight: 3616 grams

Note: Bazaar is a pendent lamp that comes with a custom lamp holder and light fitting along with a 1.2 m Suspension cable.