Bracket - The Concrete Bookends : A

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The Concrete Bookends

Play of Light and Shadow

Architectural Home Decor Accessories


There is an interesting likeness between books and architecture. They are both mediums of space. Architecture represents physicality of space, whereas books offer spatial experience through imagination. 

Mundane objects of everyday life hold a lot of ability to influence. Working with levels while playing with light and shadow being the intuitive nature of Material Immaterial Studio's ethos, Brack{ t } is a set of bookends that rely on architectural elements to generate interesting play of light and shadows thus creating chiaroscuro effect.



Dimensions : Bracket A - 85mm x 180mm x 120mm (W x D x H)

                      Bracket B - 70mm x 165mm x 130mm (W x D x H)

                      Bracket C - 60mm x 160mm x 135mm (W x D x H)

Weight: Bracket A -2200 Grams

             Bracket B -1600 Grams 

             Bracket C -2100 Grams


Note: 'Brack{ t } is a series of three distinct Book ends (A, B, and C), these can be bought individually as per choice.