Arthur Bunder Press portfolio: Set of 12 prints

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Prati, The Atelier

Prati, means edition in Kannada. Prati, is an atelier based in Bangalore for printmakers and artists to practice and experiment with printmaking. Committed to the practice of printmaking, Prati has hosted residencies, conducted workshops, organized shows and collaborated with inter-disciplinary artists, art galleries and institutions. Prati, has recently started manufacturing customized presses and has set up printmaking facilities for institutions, schools, universities and individual practitioners under the name “Built to Print.”

The Arthur Bunder Press, Colaba: A printmaking workshop at Chatterjee & Lal

For ten days in August, Chatterjee & Lal transformed into The Arthur Bunder Press, Colaba, the site of a workshop facilitated by Prati, The Atelier. Positioned at the intersection of an erstwhile press, an artist’s studio and a gallery, the workshop encouraged participating artists to explore different printmaking processes. Visitors to the gallery during the workshop were able to watch as artists worked together, collaborate and ideate over different approaches to mark making.

Arthur Bunder Press portfolio, 2019

  • Edition of 6
  • Box 1
  • Set of 12 prints
  • 15.75 x 12 x 2.5 in

Minam Apang, Amshu Chukki, Madhu Das, Ratna Gupta, Madhao Imartey, Areez Katki, Ranjit Kandalgaonkar, Gieve Patel, Rupali Patil, Mark Prime, Gagan Singh, Nityan Unnikrishnan