Untitled (From Within series)

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Keenan Pereira is a self-taught photographer and a fifth generation descendant of Khotachi Wadi. He started exploring photography during his initial years of college and had an inclination towards Bombay, his family's home town. He started off by shooting the streets in Bombay capturing everyday life and later on moved into commercial photography, working with multiple photography teams and travelling for shoots. Time spent in Bali and Australia influenced him in the sub-marine processes of filming. This led to an interest in underwater photography and he went on to become a professional diver.

Family and community bonds have been a strong influence on the style of images he has created. Currently on display, 'From Within' is a series that showcases the feeling of the streets along with the faces that make it home to him. Sharing the feeling of home; people in spaces of comfort; balconies, terraces and verandas, his approach shares both an architectural and documentary feeling through his visuals.


Keenan Pereira
From Within series, 2022
Photographic print
22 x 34.6 cm