Gambol - Kinetic Sculpture

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Kinetic Concrete Rolling Ball Sculpture

Brutalist Architectural Object for Home Decor 

Architectural Desk Accessories


Play is an integral part of our everyday life. It allows one to break free from the otherwise mundane, creating cheerful moments and happy memories that can last a lifetime. While we get engrossed in the daily walks of busy adult life, the child in us seeks escape, a respite from the mundane. Though momentarily, these rituals of play can help enhance life.

This artifact mimics the play of childhood as the rolling balls Gambol around hopping and gliding through paths carved alongside arcades and stairways, converging into a large bowl.

When one draws parallels with some of their childhood experiences, this is bound to bring a nostalgic smile of your face. Material Immaterial studio present their creation - Gambol to help you remember some of your childhood moments.

This one is for the child in you.

Dimensions : 138mm x 130mm x88mm (W x D x H)

Materials: Concrete, SS balls 3.5mm Ø

Weight: 1545 Grams

Note: 'Gambol' comes as a set along with Sixteen steel balls (916 grade) to make your work time more fun!!