Har Shaam Shaheen Bagh

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About the author

Prarthna Singh's work explores female identity in contemporary India, within the intersection of gender and nation. Particularly drawn to stories that stand at the conflux of radical vulnerability and power; her images highlight India’s transition and contrast while exploring a dual dichotomy between feminine identity and strength. These female narratives are constructed within India’s own traditions, poised between fragility and abundance. After completing her BFA in photography from the Rhode Island School of Design, Singh lived and worked in New York. Returning to India was a deliberate decision, she is currently based out of Bombay.


'Har Shaam Shaheen Bagh' is an ode to the courage and resilience of the women of Shaheen Bagh. This book is an attempt to resist the active erasure of an extraordinary moment in the political and contemporary history of India, a peaceful sit-in protest that lasted a 100 days and was led by Muslim women from a working-class neighbourhood in New Delhi. It was brought to an abrupt halt with the onset of the pandemic in March 2020, all traces of it destroyed and dismantled. Today, the book serves as an urgent and necessary record of the movement. It gathers crucial evidence of the power of democratic dissent through photographs, maps, drawings, letters, songs and other material from the site. From the women of Standing Rock and Black Lives Matter; the women of the Dandi March and the Chipko Movement; for those at the frontlines of India’s non-violent protests: this book is an act of remembrance, to preserve the powerful legacy of women at the forefront of historic revolutions.

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