Longpi black pottery dinner plate

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The Longpi black pottery dinner plate is just the thing to spruce up every meal, taking them from predictable to exciting. Its pitch-black body is the perfect canvas for the organic colours of your dinners - splaying the goodness of your food out for all to admire.

These plates are shaped on the potter's wheel - handcrafted to perfection using natural materials and local resources. Black pottery holds great significance in the authentic arts of India, emerging from the lush greens of the North Eastern state of Manipur - bringing you a taste of their fresh air.

In a cinematic moment of West meets East, serve up your delicious pasta preparations in this earthy toned Longpi pasta plates - infusing the dish with the best of both worlds. This deep-dish plate is ideal for one-pot meals lending your comfort meals a styling edge.

The Longpi art originates from the interiors of Manipur, from a village that shares that name. This art form is a testament to the craft and skills that lie hidden in the folds of rural India - its beauty second to none. The Longpi pasta plate is a modern take on a traditional craft - bringing you with it, a whiff of authentic India.

This ceramic is glaze-free and food safe.


Height: 1 in. | 2.5 cm.

Diameter: 11 in. | 28 cm.



Clean immediately after you use them with a non abrasive sponge.

Microwave, dishwasher, freezer safe