Lumino-City Cube Lamp

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“Stories are light. Light is precious in a world so dark”
― Kate DiCamillo

As one’s attention is drawn to the artefact, it unfolds itself in what appears to be a fortress of light- the light is mellow, illuminating its features subtly; the eyes feel as though they’ve grown limbs of their own; climbing flights of stairs, feeling the soft texture of the walls and running into archways that seem to lead to glowing treasures.

All sense of time and scale disappear as one is teleported into this reverie unveiling before their eyes. Somewhere in there are stairs that lead to a momentary home; one can imagine themselves running across archways chasing and being chased by friends; spending a relaxed evening on the deck among loved-ones; a window from which one would stare at the moon in blissful-solitude and countless such orchestrations of the most precious moments of life projected into the spaces of Lumino-City.

Once adorned in your home/office, Lumino-City is bound to light up your conversations, both within and without.

Welcome to Lumino-City; where introspection and imagination meet.

Dimensions:  146mm (L) x 148mm (B) x 146mm (H)

Weight: 2.66 kgs