Maach (fish): Woodcut block print on kora cotton

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About the artist

Riten Mozumdar (1927 -2006) passed away in 2006 after an illustrious career spanning five decades. Despite working and exhibiting prolifically, today his immense legacy remains largely forgotten.

In the decades immediately following independence, Riten Mozumdar was one of the most significant artist-designers of India’s modernist design renaissance. Educated in painting, sculpture, design and crafts at Santiniketan, Mozumdar was the product of a schooling that emphasised an engagement with heritage as well as arts and crafts; both understood to be integral to an all-round education. He cherished his relationship with the artist and educator Benodebehari Mukherjee, who came to look upon Mozumdar as a son.

This print has been taken from the original block designed by Riten Mozumdar (1927 - 2006), and carved between the late 1950s and early 1960s.
Maach block courtesy: Heirs of Riten Mozumdar
Printing by BODHI, Vadodara for Chatterjee & Lal/ Culturebagh

Riten Mozumdar
Maach (fish), 2020
Woodcut block print on kora cotton
12 x 12 in
Edition of 50