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Replay Your Childhood Memories

Architectural Puzzle for Adults - Play with Spaces, Light and Shadow

Spatial Architectural Gift


Memories of spaces hover constantly at different levels of our consciousness. Spaces we have stayed in, passed through, even those we have dreamt of, especially those from our childhood when we were more curious, more attentive and more interested in our immediate surroundings.

Though it is difficult to trace the origin of these memories, they can be witnessed in flashes; architectural elements from these memories frozen in time. These mental images may be composed of an array of monumental arches, stairways ascending into muted light or colonnaded verandahs.

Re-play is a collection of such architectural elements, that can be organised as a collage to generate an overarching narrative of memories. Each element can be completed only in the presence of another and then another. Each piece essentially has a back, a front, a left and a right.
These blocks when consciously put together create a variety of moods, absorbing spatial situations through texture, light and shadows. The process of assembly is intuitive and revolves around the individual composer and his current state of mind.


Size: Overall box - 190mm x 190mm x 129mm

Each concrete piece is an average of 48mm x 36mm x 36mm tall

Weight: 750 grams.

Inclusions:- 44 concrete pieces in a box.