IMPRINT: Riten Mozumdar

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Exhibition at Chatterjee & Lal curated by Chatterjee & Lal and Ushmita Sahu.

Riten Mozumdar passed away in 2006 leaving behind an illustrious career spanning five decades. In his lifetime, Mozumdar had worked and exhibited prolifically both nationally and internationally, yet today his immense legacy remains largely forgotten. To redress this lacuna, IMPRINT: Riten Mozumdar foregrounds this pioneering polymath’s narrative which has, with time, been pushed to the margins of documented history.

Chatterjee and Lal hosted this first comprehensive exhibition based on ongoing research and documentation by Riten Mozumdar scholar Ushmita Sahu. The show assembled never before seen archival material including namdas, furnishings, dress and sarees, scarves, design samples, wood blocks, metal dice for jaali work, drawings, photographs, calligraphy paintings “Dinanto Belay” series and more.

Exhibition catalogue


  • Softbound
  • 40 pages, 8.25 x 5.75 x 0.4 in
  • 26 colour Illustrations
  • 10 b/w Illustrations