The Factory - Kinetic Sculpture

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Kinetic Concrete Rolling Ball Sculpture

Brutalist Architectural Object for Home Decor 

Architectural Desk Accessories


The Factory is an interactive rolling ball sculpture made out of Concrete.

The sculpture is inspired by the Brutalist architecture of the last century, particularly the Industrial era and the functional architectural elements used in Cement and Steel factories. In this work, Material Immaterial have attempted to merge the Brutalist factory architectural elements from the industrialization Era with a Playful path for the steel balls to roll along.

As the steel balls start rolling from their starting point on top of the building towards its final destination, they pass through the various architectural elements. Sometimes hiding away and emerging from another end of a gear, sometimes passing through a spring-like spiral path in both the directions and at another time slowly moving alongside a majestic arcade. Along with their journey, they also take the viewer's eye through these various spaces.

The factory is ideal as an art piece for home and office decor and will serve as a companion during the much-needed break from work.

So let's get to play!


Dimensions : 205mm x 110mm x 160mm (W x D x H)

Materials: Concrete, SS balls 5mm Ø

Weight: 3140 Grams

Note: 'The Factory' comes as a set along with Eleven steel balls (916 grade) to make your work time more fun!!